Tikulu versus Grandmother Kal

Joëlle Écormier, Henry Koombes

While on holiday on Reunion island at his friend Zécli’s, Tikulu meets a pretty girl named Lalie. One of her distant relatives has been cursed because he once tried to pierce Grandmother Kal’s secret – the terrible witch that lives in the volcano and turns into a big black bird at night

Guided by his courage, Tikulu decides to confront the witch to undo the spell cast on Lalie’s family.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 45 4
Publication date : 2006
Number of pages : 28 Pages
Price: Rs 350

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Let’s go to Reunion island!

This is the 9th picture book from the series “Tikulu’s Adventures”. Tikulu versus Grandmother Kal is a very colourful book illustrated by Henry Koombes, Tikulu’s dad. This children’s book is the first book Joëlle Écormier published in Mauritius.

The plot takes place in Reunion island, Mauritius’ sister island. It is the biggest local legend that inspired Joëlle Écormier for this story. Grandmother Kal is an old mythical woman that looks like a witch and lives in Piton de La Fournaise – Reunion’s volcano. Some say that she has bushy and thorny hair, sharp nails and blood-coloured eyes. It is said that she can turn into a big black bird at night.

Tikulu, our courageous little hero, finally falls in love… This thrilling adventure will undoubtedly please the little ones and the grown-ups. The children series “Tikulu’s Adventures” is available in bookstores and supermarkets.