Tikulu to the Rescue

Sailing in the famous Grand Gaube regatta on their pirogue Tifrer, Tikulu, Dimoune and Uncle Felix run after the highly coveted cup! But, once again, things don’t quite go as expected…A picture storybook full of action for young readers to enjoy straightaway.

Written by Jennifer Boullé and illustrated by Henry Koombes

Available in French and English.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 55 6
Publication date : 2008
Number of pages : 28 Pages
Price: Rs 350

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A regatta in Mauritius!

The 11th picture book of the series “Tikulu’s Adventures” was written by Jennifer Boullé and illustrated by Henry Koombes. This time, we follow the preparations for departure as well as the progress of a famous regatta that takes place in Mauritius: the Grand Gaube regatta.

Every year in Mauritius, local fishermen organise dugout races, that are called regattas. The Grand Gaube regatta is the unmissable event of the region – it takes place every year on November 29th. On this special day, every dugout hoists its colourful sails. Usually, each crew has up to 4-5 sailors that embark on the traditional and much-touted dugout – as is customary, these wooden boats are entirely handmade. It truly is a magnificent show and around 5000 people come each year for fear of missing it!

The series “Tikulu’s Adventures” is available in bookstores and supermarkets.

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