Tikulu and the Spirit of the Sea

Tikulu and Matapan can’t believe their eyes: the sea is all thick with ugly seaweed, the beach covered in smelly black gunge. What on earth has happened?

The old sea-horse says it is the Spirit of the Sea avenging the kidnapping of his beautiful daughter, Néréia, now held prisoner on Flat Island. Without further ado, Tikulu and Matapan set off to free Néréia from her captors. Fortunately, their dolphin friends happen to be there …

An allegoric adventure set in the fragile natural world we live in that highlights the urgency to protect it.

Available in French and English.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 83 9
Publication date : 2014
Number of pages : 28 Pages
Price: Rs 350

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The environment

Tikulu and the Spirit of the Sea is an allegoric story written by Nathacha Appanah and illustrated by Henry Koombes. The main theme is a familiar one: the importance of respecting our environment. As a result, this picture book reminds us of the position held by the collection ‘Curious by nature’: that of sensitizing the little ones and the grown-ups regarding the protection of our beautiful environment.

Writing a childrens book for the collection ‘Tikulu’s Adventures’ is a first for Nathacha Appanah – there is no way this picture book won’t please our young audience! This childrens picture book has been introduced during the Salon de la Famille’s third edition in Mauritius. Tikulu’s parents, Pascale Siew and Henry Koombes were also there, ready to meet their young fans. This Salon was the perfect occasion to invite the young and old alike in Tikulu’s magical world. The 15th picture book of ‘Tikulu’s Adventures’ was published in November 2014 in Mauritius.