Tikulu’s Treasure

Monique Ritter, Henry Koombes

Between Tikulu, the young boy, and his loyal companion, the little dog Dimoune, grows a wonderful friendship which leads them to the discovery of a forgotten treasure hidden long ago by a Dutch navigator. This is a story rich in image and suspense that reveals to Tikulu the true treasure of life.

Available in French and English.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 25 X
Publication date : 2001
Number of pages : 28 Pages
Price: Rs 350

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After the success of In Dodoland, we were all awaiting Tikulu’s second adventure. Tikulus Treasure, written by Monique Ritter and published in French in 1999, introduces a new character: the dog Dimoune which happens to be Tikulu’s best friend. Henry Koombes, who illustrated each and every adventure Tikulu ever went on, allows us to delve into Tikulu’s colourful world.

This series of books for young readers has other surprises in stock: a new album is published each year. In the third picture book, Tikulu will go at sea with his friend, the dolphin Kousti. What an exciting new adventure!

Children’s literature: Tikulus Treasure

The holidays are only starting: Tikulu and Dimoune take this opportunity to go on another adventure on a mountain in Mauritius. Dimoune is faster than Tikulu: he finds himself all alone on top of the mountain. Our Mauritian hero can’t see his friend Dimoune anymore! How awful! Fortunately, his bird friends are there to help Tikulu and show him the way. What a relief! Tikulu tracks Dimoune down and finds him safe and sound in a cave. However, this cave seems quite mysterious… Some strange inscriptions cover the walls: “JAN BATAVIA 1635”. What could it possibly mean?

Tikulu and Dimoune want to know the truth: what do these inscriptions mean? Who wrote them? What secret lies under these mysteries? All these questions haunt Tikulu and his friend Dimoune in this second adventure.