A Cyclone over Black River

Pascale Siew, Henry Koombes

Tikulu and his friends are thrilled to be going camping in the Black River Gorges. Swimming right underneath a waterfall, fresh-water fishing, picnics on the banks of the river: all conspire to make for an idyllic scene. Then, on the third day, the weather takes a turn for the worse. The wind whips up and it dawns on them that there’s a cyclone heading their way.

Available in French and English.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 33 4
Publication date : 2003
Number of pages : 28 Pages
Price: Rs 350

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Be careful: there is a cyclone in Mauritius!

This picture book tackles a subject that can be scary: cyclones in Mauritius. Indeed, they can be very destructive. From November to March, cyclones represent a threat to the islands of the Indian Ocean. A cyclone is a large-scale air mass where inward violent winds rotate around its center – or its eye. A cyclone can be very dangerous: it can cause damage to houses and nature and result in heavy rains that pose a flood threat.

Cyclone over Black River is the sixth album of the series “Tikulu’s Adventures”. First, he has roamed the island in search of the dodo, solved a mystery in order to uncover a treasure, dived underwater, caught a thief and helped sugarcane cutters. He now has to face a cyclone in Mauritius – what an original adventure!

The series “Tikulu’s Adventures” is available in bookstores and supermarkets throughout the island.