Ki Si Sa Sa

This memory card game is based on a set of pairs to be put together except for the mysterious Ki Si Sa Sa. For children aged 4 and more.

Available in French, English, Italian and German.

EAN : 6 091300 921052
Publication date : 2006
Price: Rs 135

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A game of chance tinted with Mauritian colours

Ki Si Sa Sa is the Mauritian version of the game ‘Old maid’, revised with colours that portray the essence of our beautiful island. Match the facetious monkeys (jacos), the rotis sellers, the Cape canaries, the goris (also known as cauris, these beautiful sea shells are supposed to bring luck), the creole huts and many things that are landmarks of the Mauritian culture.

Ki Si Sa Sa?

There is one rule: match the pairs and get rid of all your cards… Be careful not to stumble upon the enigmatic Ki Si Sa Sa: this uncanny card, that has no twin in the game, will do anything in its power to make you lose!

That is not all! You can also use Ki Si Sa Sa as a memory game! Just take the mysterious Ki Si Sa Sa out, flip the remaining cards and rack your brains in order to find as many pairs as possible and win the game!