The Chinese Puzzle

When Tikoulou, Kasskott and Gromarto visit Kasskott’s grandmother in the Chinatown neighborhood of Port Louis, she is upset: she has found a mysterious note written by Kasskott’s grandfather. The three children then embark on a real treasure hunt through Chinatown to discover the meaning of the message. Written by Amal Sewtohul and illustrated by Henry Koombes. Available in French and English versions.

ISBN: 978 99949 49 07 6

Publication date: 2018

Number of pages: 32

Pages Price: Rs 350

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In The Chinese Puzzle, Tikoulou and his friends train young readers to discover an entire Mauritian heritage in connection with Chinese culture: the mahjong game, the store fronts of Chinatown, the kwon which is a place where bring together Mauritians of Chinese descent, the stall of Chinese vegetables in the bazaar, the Kwan Tee pagoda near Caudan or the old printing press of the China Times.