S.O.S Shark!

Monique Ritter, Henry Koombes

A magnificent story unfurls in the vast theatre of the sea. Tikulu shares the scenery with the reader in the company of his friend Kousti the dolphin. Showing us their magnificent costumes, the characters lead us through a succession of splendid sets. Suddenly, panic strikes amongst the audience; a tiger shark is in view!

Available in French, English and German.

ISBN : 99903 37 22 5
Publication date : 2000
Number of pages : 28 Pages
Price: Rs 350

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Children’s book: an adventure at sea

After In Dodoland and Tikulus Treasure, S.O.S. Shark! is the third album of the series “Tikulu’s Adventures”. It has been illustrated by Henry Koombes and published by Editions Vizavi.

Monique Ritter – the author of this third picture book of “Tikulu’s Adventures” – brings us to the magical world that lays underwater. It is a colourful place where kids can meet moray eels, stonefish, clownfish and angelfish.

There are numerous corals that live in our warm see. As years went by, these tiny animals have built a gigantic structure underwater that is called coral reef. Corals can have different forms and colours. Some might make you think of giant mushrooms, others of small trees. They are magnificent but very fragile. Through this picture book, Tikulu makes us see the beauty of the coral reef and helps us understand the importance of protecting our environment.