Tutti Frutti

This counting card game is made of 48 cards that show a number of different tropical fruits.

For 2 to 4 players from 4 years old.

Available in French and English.

EAN : 6 091300 921069
Publication date : 2008
Price: Rs 135

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Playing and learning with exotic fruits

Pineapples, mangoes, bananas, watermelons and many more fruits have invited themselves in this game! And what is better than a good old card game in order to relax and have fun? Thanks to our colourful fruits, the little ones will be able to learn how to count. It can also be the perfect occasion to share some quality time with your kids and help them learn while having fun!

These cards focus on a special theme: exotic fruits and, by extension, nature. It can be the starting point for bigger questions such as the growing of these fruits or their taste.

Rules of the game

Learn how to count can be fun! That is what this game (for 4-year-old kids and more) is here for.

The number of players is of 2 to 4 persons. This card game comprises 48 lively cards which represent a certain number of different exotic fruits.

  • First, deal 5 cards to each player and put the remaining cards in a pile in the middle of the players.
  • Put the first card on top of the pile face up on the table.
  • The dealer plays first. He must cover the upturned card with another one that has at least one more fruit of any variety. If he cannot do so, he takes a card from the pile and misses his turn.
  • The player who has no more cards left is the winner.

The card game Tutti Frutti is available in bookstores and supermarkets throughout the island. Let’s have fun!