Tikulu And La Légende De Bel Ombre

We announced it to you: at the beginning of the year, Tikulu went in search of the Ombre, this mysterious fish with the shine of gold which would have disappeared a long time ago. This project, born from the joint collaboration of the ONG Reef Conservation, the Rogers group and Éditions Vizavi, was set up for visitors to the Domaine de Bel Ombre.

By the end of 2017, it was decided that the special adventure would also be accessible to the general public. More than just an entertaining story, Tikulu takes us this time to discover the Domaine de Bel Ombre, a true microcosm where ecology is not taken lightly.

This story, featuring our little hero and his class during a field trip organized by Professor Kwok, begins with a challenge: whoever succeeds in proving the existence of the mythical disappeared fish will win a gold medal. By following our little explorers in their research, we navigate ecosystem to ecosystem, discovering on each page how our small island is teeming with life.

Throughout the pages, we are therefore acquainted with endemic endangered species, such as spectacled birds, whose preservation is paramount, such as the iconic mangrove that protects our corals, and we even witness the laying of eggs. a mother tortoise. True ode to conservation, La Légende de Bel Ombre is also a trip to discover our island.

With its vivid colors and drawings, Henry Koombes signs his 16th album here with Éditions Vizavi: here’s something to delight young and old alike!

Are you ready to accompany Tikulu and his friends on their quest for legendary fish to see if it still exists? No more a minute to lose!

La Légende de Bel Ombre, off-series album of the collection “Les Aventures de Tikoulou”, is available in bookstores and supermarkets.

La Fête de la Jeunesse 2017

For the third year in a row, the French Institute of Mauritius hosted the Fête de la Jeunesse on April 22, 2017. A real meeting point for children’s literature fans, this third edition did not only offer a meeting with your favorite heroes. but also a lively day of artistic performances.

Indeed, The French Institute of Mauritius has set the package to seduce its young visitors: storytelling, drawing workshop, video game workshop, film projection and even a show based on Hansel and Gretel! What to delight and touch a large circle of families …

Tikulu in the meeting

Thus, between the beautiful story of Stéphane Servant (author of the tales “The Machin”, “Ti Poucet” and many others) and some music notes, Tikulu has, of course, answered this! Always barefoot, a big smile, the fetish hero of the Mauritians could not miss the opportunity to invite children, like parents, in his universe so attractive and bright colors.

This event, aimed at promoting cultural education among our young compatriots, is meeting more and more members. In a real effort of sharing and openness, the French Institute of Mauritius aims to access culture for all. It was obviously the perfect opportunity to find your little Mauritian hero, faithful to the post, as well as all his adventures, the most incredible ones than the others.

Driven by a genuine desire to encourage the cultural interest of young people, the 3rd edition of the Fête de la Jeunesse was a great success with the Mauritian public. Tikulu’s dad, the painter Henry Koombes, was himself present, feasting the little ones and big ones with personalized dedications. He was also accompanied by Céline Chowa, author of the highly acclaimed Ludo le dodo (published by Editions Vizavi), an album for toddlers, published in 2016 by Editions VIZAVI, colorful and also illustrated by the artist Henry Koombes.


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La Légende De Bel Ombre, The Last Pane A Little Special Of The Adventures Of Tikulu

This year, Tikulu is embarking on new discoveries … An initiative of the ONG Reef Conservation, Rogers Group and Vizavi Publishing, La Légende de Bel Ombre comes to resurrect an old myth forgotten, that of L’Ombre, fish with gold shards. Would it still exist?

A unique walk in the area of ​​Bel Ombre

Mr. Kwok, the teacher of Tikulu, challenges our friends: whoever finds the proof of the existence of the Shadow will win a gold medal! By embarking on the tracks of the disappeared fish, Tikulu and his comrades come to discover the domain of Bel Ombre whose different ecosystems subjugate the reader. Whether they are the rare birds with glasses perched on their limb, the turtles that ensure their offspring or the mangroves that protect the corals, this initiatory adventure reveals to our hero as well as to the readers the crucial importance of preserving the nature that surrounded.

It’s in this sense that Reef Conservation comes to show us the weight of different ecosystems on the proper functioning of our beaches and lagoons and the urgency to preserve them. For this, it’s imperative to educate and it is in this sense that are part of the vicissitudes of our little hero Bel Ombre.

It is by following Mr. Kwok’s students that we rediscover with delight an environment teeming with life and beauty that we often neglect. Hence the first message of this fabulous adventure : an exhortation to the preservation of such a beautiful natural heritage.

What animals do we encounter in this part of the island? What types of landscape do we cross? What is the famous Bislamer, a real must of the ONG Reef Conservation? What are mangroves and swamps for? L’Ombre still exists?

So many questions that we face this new album and to which our characters try, somehow, to answer it.


Tikoulou Was At The Salon De La Famille 2015

We had announced that Tikulu would at the Salon of the Family 2015. Promised thing, thing due!

Tikulu, the little Mauritian hero was happy to welcome you in his boutik (stand B3) during the 3rd edition of the Salon de la famille.The show was held at the Swami Vivekananda International Conference Center in Pailles from April 3rd to 5th, 2015.

Le Salon de la Famille

Tikulu’s father, Henri Koombes, was also present for his young readers. The young audience could also interact with Pascale Siew, Tikulu’s mother. Lovers of books, Tikulu’s parents were delighted to share their passion with children as well as with older children. A special moment for readers who were able to express their feelings about the children’s books proposed by Editions Vizavi.

The whole collection of Aventures de Tikoulou was available: from the first album, the famous Au Pays du Dodo, to the very latest L’étrange été de Tikoulou, written by Nathacha Appanah. After a Saturday on Tension, the new album L’étrange été de Tikoulou was indeed available at this show. The children have discovered the new adventure: Tikulu is looking for the daughter of the Spirit of the Sea, Néria, kidnapped by horrible bandits. A story full of twists where Tikulu and his friends show the need to protect the environment and mainly our beautiful island …

Beyond children’s books, the entire Tikulu universe was present. Indeed, t-shirts, caps or the famous Tikulu doll that appeals to the youngest ones were available on the stand.The children thus entered the world of Tikulu, to meet his two creators. Many children had their first children’s book signed for them. A moment much awaited by all.

We thank you for coming so many to meet us! We hope to see you again soon at the next exhibitions or shows in Mauritius.

Feel free to take advantage of photos taken during the show on our Facebook page !

Tikulu Learns Chinese and Russian.

For the first time, VIZAVI Editions invite young readers to discover our island in Chinese and russian thanks to the translation of the album In the Land of Dodo in these two new languages. The purpose of this book was to give a taste for reading to children and adults alike.

The youth book In the land of Dodo In the album In the Land of the Dodo , Tikulu, the young Mauritian hero , goes to search of the famous clumsy bird: the dodo. A great opportunity for small readers to discover the beauty and diversity of Mauritius. So we accompany Tikulu through this Dodo country. Small readers can find the Mauritian environment : buses, boutik, Porlwi bazar . They will also be able to contemplate and learn more about the fauna and flora of Mauritius. Tikulu crosses the path of several small animals over the pages. Funny little monkeys, chameleons, boubouls , fish trumpets or even starfish are all present!

The colorful illustrations are signed by Henri Koombes. They plunge us into a universe colorful ! A magical world where we find our beautiful island with its fruits, its animals, its flora, its marine world, its treats and its picturesque names among others. This youth book was a great success. It has thus allowed the youth collection The Adventures of Tikulu to launch officially! Since then, Tikulu no longer stops: exhibitions, educational booklets intended to make children aware of different environmental causes or even a musical show Le Souffle Magique . This little hero still has many surprises !

Note that the album Au Pays du Dodo , originally published in French, also exists in English, German, Italian and Creole Mauritian.


Chinese translation by Nadia Chu
Russian translation by Olga Leshchenko and Anastasia Byakova-Yeadon