La Légende De Bel Ombre, The Last Pane A Little Special Of The Adventures Of Tikulu

This year, Tikulu is embarking on new discoveries … An initiative of the ONG Reef Conservation, Rogers Group and Vizavi Publishing, La Légende de Bel Ombre comes to resurrect an old myth forgotten, that of L’Ombre, fish with gold shards. Would it still exist?

A unique walk in the area of ​​Bel Ombre

Mr. Kwok, the teacher of Tikulu, challenges our friends: whoever finds the proof of the existence of the Shadow will win a gold medal! By embarking on the tracks of the disappeared fish, Tikulu and his comrades come to discover the domain of Bel Ombre whose different ecosystems subjugate the reader. Whether they are the rare birds with glasses perched on their limb, the turtles that ensure their offspring or the mangroves that protect the corals, this initiatory adventure reveals to our hero as well as to the readers the crucial importance of preserving the nature that surrounded.

It’s in this sense that Reef Conservation comes to show us the weight of different ecosystems on the proper functioning of our beaches and lagoons and the urgency to preserve them. For this, it’s imperative to educate and it is in this sense that are part of the vicissitudes of our little hero Bel Ombre.

It is by following Mr. Kwok’s students that we rediscover with delight an environment teeming with life and beauty that we often neglect. Hence the first message of this fabulous adventure : an exhortation to the preservation of such a beautiful natural heritage.

What animals do we encounter in this part of the island? What types of landscape do we cross? What is the famous Bislamer, a real must of the ONG Reef Conservation? What are mangroves and swamps for? L’Ombre still exists?

So many questions that we face this new album and to which our characters try, somehow, to answer it.