Tikulu Learns Chinese and Russian.

For the first time, VIZAVI Editions invite young readers to discover our island in Chinese and russian thanks to the translation of the album In the Land of Dodo in these two new languages. The purpose of this book was to give a taste for reading to children and adults alike.

The youth book In the land of Dodo In the album In the Land of the Dodo , Tikulu, the young Mauritian hero , goes to search of the famous clumsy bird: the dodo. A great opportunity for small readers to discover the beauty and diversity of Mauritius. So we accompany Tikulu through this Dodo country. Small readers can find the Mauritian environment : buses, boutik, Porlwi bazar . They will also be able to contemplate and learn more about the fauna and flora of Mauritius. Tikulu crosses the path of several small animals over the pages. Funny little monkeys, chameleons, boubouls , fish trumpets or even starfish are all present!

The colorful illustrations are signed by Henri Koombes. They plunge us into a universe colorful ! A magical world where we find our beautiful island with its fruits, its animals, its flora, its marine world, its treats and its picturesque names among others. This youth book was a great success. It has thus allowed the youth collection The Adventures of Tikulu to launch officially! Since then, Tikulu no longer stops: exhibitions, educational booklets intended to make children aware of different environmental causes or even a musical show Le Souffle Magique . This little hero still has many surprises !

Note that the album Au Pays du Dodo , originally published in French, also exists in English, German, Italian and Creole Mauritian.


Chinese translation by Nadia Chu
Russian translation by Olga Leshchenko and Anastasia Byakova-Yeadon