La Fête de la Jeunesse 2017

For the third year in a row, the French Institute of Mauritius hosted the Fête de la Jeunesse on April 22, 2017. A real meeting point for children’s literature fans, this third edition did not only offer a meeting with your favorite heroes. but also a lively day of artistic performances.

Indeed, The French Institute of Mauritius has set the package to seduce its young visitors: storytelling, drawing workshop, video game workshop, film projection and even a show based on Hansel and Gretel! What to delight and touch a large circle of families …

Tikulu in the meeting

Thus, between the beautiful story of Stéphane Servant (author of the tales “The Machin”, “Ti Poucet” and many others) and some music notes, Tikulu has, of course, answered this! Always barefoot, a big smile, the fetish hero of the Mauritians could not miss the opportunity to invite children, like parents, in his universe so attractive and bright colors.

This event, aimed at promoting cultural education among our young compatriots, is meeting more and more members. In a real effort of sharing and openness, the French Institute of Mauritius aims to access culture for all. It was obviously the perfect opportunity to find your little Mauritian hero, faithful to the post, as well as all his adventures, the most incredible ones than the others.

Driven by a genuine desire to encourage the cultural interest of young people, the 3rd edition of the Fête de la Jeunesse was a great success with the Mauritian public. Tikulu’s dad, the painter Henry Koombes, was himself present, feasting the little ones and big ones with personalized dedications. He was also accompanied by Céline Chowa, author of the highly acclaimed Ludo le dodo (published by Editions Vizavi), an album for toddlers, published in 2016 by Editions VIZAVI, colorful and also illustrated by the artist Henry Koombes.


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