Dolphins and Whales

Both amusing and educational, Dolphins and Whales, is a book for children that talks about sea mammals, in particular the dolphins and whales found in the Indian Ocean region.

For children from 8 to 12.

Available in French and English.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 49 5
Publication date : 2007
Number of pages : 24 Pages
Price: Rs 150

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Educational booklet

In the book, our young readers will find all the answers to their questions. What is the difference between fish and mammals? How do dolphins and whales communicate? What type of whales can we find in our region? These relevant questions are not only interesting for kids but for grown-ups as well. This is what makes Dolphins and Whales the perfect family book!

Did you know that the world’s biggest whale is the blue whale? It can measure up to 4 buses and weigh as much as 25 elephants! Its heart has the dimension of a small car and weighs as much as 2 elephants! Blue whales usually live in cold waters.

If you want to swim with dolphins or go whale-watching, there are some essential things you need to be aware of. For example, if you want to watch dolphins here in Mauritius, you can only approach them from the side and your boat must be turned off. In Madagascar and Comoros, the organisation Mégaptera has a particular code of conduct: it is strictly forbidden to divide whales from a same group or to suddenly change the direction of your boat.

With Dolphins and Whales, kids can easily become aware of the importance of protecting our environment, and particularly our sea mammals. Our young readers can thus learn by doing crossword puzzles, coupling a sentence to a sea mammal or playing ‘Spot the difference’.

Learning has never been this fun!