Discovering the Lagoon

Activity book that is both entertaining and instructive about life in the lagoon and the need to respect its fragile eco-system.

For children from 8 to 12 years old.

Available in French, English and German.

ISBN : 99903 37 43 8
Publication date : 2005
Number of pages : 28 Pages
Price: Rs 150

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An educational booklet 

This booklet contains all the answers to the questions kids have: why is the sea salty? Why is the sea blue? What is a lagoon? What lives in there?

What is better than learning while having fun? The young reader will be able to learn more about the Mauritian lagoon while solving crossword puzzles or answering some True/False questions in the book. This colourful booklet has many games in store: you have to find your way out of a coral labyrinth or be the master at the ‘Spot the difference’ game.

Whether we be young or old, we can always learn a lot. What is the right behaviour to adopt while at sea? This booklet is full of useful tips such as ‘if you are on a boat, don’t cast anchor in the lagoon because it can destroy the corals. Tie your boat to a buoy or cast anchor in the sand’. The little ones might even learn what the grown-ups have sometimes forgotten. This is thus an educational booklet for kids AND their family.

All through this book, our young readers will be accompanied by Tikulu and his vivid world. They will undoubtedly recognise the famous dodo and Kousti the dolphin – Tikulu’s friend from S.O.S. Shark!, Tikulu to the Rescue or Tikulu and the Spirit of the Sea.