L’île aux Aigrettes

This booklet unveils the incredible resources of our famous Ile aux Aigrettes and shows us how to protect them.

For children from 8 to 12 years old.

Available in French and English.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 65 5
Publication date : 2010
Number of pages : 20 Pages
Price: –

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Located at 1 km off the coast of Mahebourg – south-east of Mauritius –, Ile aux Aigrettes is the biggest island in Grand Port bay. It is a small coral island that stretches over 25 hectares. The island has been declared a nature reserve and is now taken care of by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

Learning can be fun! Kids will be able to learn more on the animals and plants that are present only on this island. Who are the explorers and colons that came to Mauritius? How are its fauna and flora? You can find all the answers – and so much more – in this educational booklet.

Are you looking to embark on an adventure to Ile aux Aigrettes? You will find all the useful tips for a safe journey in here. For example, in order to protect the island’s fragile nature, it is important not to pick plants or flowers or eat on the footpath. You will also discover the island’s two existing tracks along with helpful contact numbers for your reservation.

Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF)

This book came into being thanks to the help of Investec Mauritius. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation). Its work towards the conservation of the endangered fauna and flora stretches from Mauritius to Rodrigues. It focuses on endemic and indigenous plant species and animals – unique species that are present on Mauritius and Rodrigues and sometimes don’t exist anywhere else.

In order to protect these animals, we first need to preserve their habitat. It is thus very important to grant them some space where they can live and breed. Preserving Ile aux Aigrettes has been a major achievement that took more than 25 years – we are now proud to show the results to our visitors.

Let’s leave for an adventure on Ile aux Aigrettes!

This educational booklet can be purchased at the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation shop.