The Hidden Dodo

Based on the book In Dodoland, this colouring book is for children aged 3 to 5 years old.

Available in French and English.

ISBN : 978 99903 37 43 3
Publication date : 2003
Number of pages : 24 Pages
Price: Rs 70

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Colouring book: in search of the hidden dodo

The colouring book The Hidden Dodo invites the little ones to colour Tikulu’s world at their liking. In each double page, we get sucked into a black and white environment that needs their pencils to get its splendour back. This is more than a colouring book… Filling the drawings is one thing, finding the hidden dodo is another one! In each illustration hides a dodo that your kids have to find. He might hide behind a coconut tree, a mango tree or even behind corals, who knows? Let’s go and find him!

The album In Dodoland

This colouring book comes from the first ‘Tikulu’s Adventures’ book, In Dodoland. In this children’s book, Tikulu roams the island in search of the clumsy and plump dodo. He thus makes us discover Mauritius, his wonderful island. In this book, Tikulu, the Mauritian hero, struggles to find Mauritius’ symbolic bird: the dodo. He goes in search of it and passes by the Botanical Gardens of Pamplemousses, Port-Louis’ market and the beautiful beach of Pomponette. It is the perfect occasion to discover or rediscover the riches of our beautiful island. In a way, children will be able to personalise Tikulus adventure in In Dodoland. Easily transportable, this 24-pages colouring book is the fruits of Henry Koombes’ labour.